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WHO:  We are a non-profit organization since 2004,among other services we started our Christian Housing Program in 2009 in Blacklick, Ohio, now located in Columbus, Ohio since 2011We light the way for people with a life event crisis history.  All this means is that there are areas where there seems to be repeat episodes or patterns that cause issues in a person's life.  Within the Christian Housing Program we help you put out the crisis, by stabilizing your housing situation first, then we help you get to the real source of these issues, and help you move forward. We provide life coach counseling that provides tools that helps you rebuild specific areas of your life. Areas such as your: financial life, relationship life, educational life, spiritual life, health life, and more.  We don't just help you pick up the pieces, we show you how to get new pieces. But only for those people who are serious about achieving a successful life's journey starting today! 
WHAT:  We believe, we are called to help people to do just that.  We are seeking those who have a gift, talent, or a skill to share with the world. We know that life is not just about getting a job in your new life journey. But fulfilling your dreams, and we believe that it's never too late to fulfill dreams.  We know that you can never get to those dreams when there are obstacles in the way.  We realize that we are not here on this earth just to help ourselves.  We are here to help one another, and this is our personal call and commitment to you. We use biblical life principles, we offer practical tools for targeting new directions that are customized to fit your hopes and dreams of a more real and prosperous life.  We know we can not help everyone who comes our way.  So, if we can not help you with your need, we have a referral service that will connect you to others who may specialize in your specific need.  Life was meant to be lived out with the help of others; do not go it alone; we all need help along the way.  Did you know, that God wants YOU to "prosper and be in good health even as your soul prospers."(3 John 1:2)  We highly recommend searching the Bible to discover God's principles for living online: 
WHEREVER:  You may be on your life journey, here at Forsaken Not Services Inc., you will find a supportive community-family with a wealth of opportunities for personal/professional growth.  There is Christian discipleship, and leadership skills to learn in your new customize life event package that we will discover with you.  By community-family we consider ourselves to be "Relative-preachers," meaning "We Are Family,"as the song goes, your relatives in God's Family if you will let us be, by the blood of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, Amen!  "For God Has Not Forsaken YOU!" HE loves us all, with an everlasting love!"  We are here as His proof of that love.  We are your new life long community-God-family. (Deut. 31:8; 2 Cor. 4:9) We offer full clergy services for any of your life event needs, (lowest sliding fee scale applicable), or free for those that qualify. We partner with other Churches/Ministries/Community Services, and Professionals, to meet the needs of rebuilding committed/stable lives
Please welcome the Awareness Church Outreach as a new partnership group with an outreach to Christians with LGBTQ background/lifestyle. Read more about them at

WHY:  To strengthen each person through having confidence in the applications, and joy in knowing Jesus Christ and His principles for living at every point in your life's journey. We encourage growth in personal life, business life, and spiritual life, always through prayer, and active participation.  We are seeking to be a lasting, real supportive community God-family in our members lives.  One biblical principal we happily project is that; We Are Our "Brother's Keeper!" (Genesis 4:9). We seek to edify and build one another up in life by faith in what we know to be the Jesus Principles for Living as they always produce the good life, Amen! For housing leave your contact information request for an application, fill it out and return it online or by mail.  *Note:  Currently our housing is under renovation; we will take the next applicants according to application date.  
We invite you to become a member, a volunteer, a group leader, or partners with our organization - allowing God into your life through our various outreach efforts, networking of services.  Contact us today to find out more about us and about relationships in Christ Jesus! 
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