Forsaken Not Services Inc./Awareness Church Outreach - Life Coaching/Christian Counseling/LGBTQ & more...
We offer a fresh start Life Coach Counseling through housing to groups/individuals, and other outreach services. *You must be self-supporting, have a housing need, be a good fit  and have solid referrals, etc., to qualify for program. Please submit application for housing management plan, consult with us today. Accepting gift cards, money cards, money orders. Current need for: Christian Transitional Housing Brand New items Only (4) Twin size bed-n-a-bag/cost ($50), and (4) Twin Beds ($100-$130),(4) lockers, flooring (indoor/outdoor carpeting) various sizes, and (5) glass-block windows for basement level. Rehab Project is near complete, lower level housing still needs drywall, and a bathroom installed. Please pray with us for those in personal transition, and feel free to donate your gifts, talents/resources, and your time to help us provide housing rooms to potential members.  We receive no pay from donations/gifts. We serve and we give to people in need from our own (this is called sharing, having things in common). We trust God to supply all of our needs.  We support this ministry calling from our own life earnings and gifts from others.  We give what we get to meet the needs in our program, as we are able. We are a self-supported non-profit organization, and any donations/gifts are tax deductible follow IRS allowances when filing. Although we are accepting applications there is no immediate housing openings at this time. Please keep checking back to our website for updates. Thank you!
Also, come out to meet a new Fellowship group the Awareness Church Outreach at:
      "As you desire to give, God will establish your ability to meet his desire for you to be able to give in multiple ways to others!"  
A biblical principle found in Luke 6:38, 
King James Version (KJV).
(Rev. CeCe)  

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