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New Partners/Employment
New Ministry Partners -
We are now ministry partners with: Spirit  Alive Ministries - Prophetess  Shirley Rodney, Founder/Senior Pastor, & Rev. CeCe Jacobs,  Associate Pastor. Come out and meet this cutting edge home of the prophetic releasing ministry every 4th Friday at 7:00 pm @ Kingdom Life Church's Facility, (Host Ministry Facility), Sr. Pastor Mary Ellen & Pastor Charles Crutcher, near the corner of 5th Ave. & (1104) Cleveland Ave., Columbus, OH 43201.
Home Care Division (NEW) -
You have heard of interior home design on a dime, well we are Your ReDesign Assistant, with your home in mind!  We have partnered with an home designer, Garry H. Austin,  who specializes in home design with a budget that is flexible to meet all your home's ReDesign needs! Set up your Consultation Appointment today by calling (614) 795-0276. Prepare your fee of $50.00 by certified check, money order, or by loading a gift card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express cards only) with this amount. Once you submit the fee you will receive an appointment time to choose from, and the fee is deducted from your order.  Let the ReDesign of Your Home begin!
Handyman wanted for Christian Shared Housing Program(The Gathering Place -Work in a Single Family Home doing household/Yard maintenance, should have own tools. Prefer live-in person who would be interested in our housing program as well, can start immediately, and you will work with the current Handyman's supervison.  Must have an additional source of income (employment. unemployment, social security, retirement, veterans), and others.
Residential Manager Position -Preferrably someone with housing  supervisory/management experience is a plus, and must be a Christian interested in and or possess leadership skills.  Must be in need of our programs assistance, compensation is 25% off housing donation fee. 
Referrals/Testimonies -
The level of service at Forsaken Not Services Inc. (Outreach Ministries) is one of those "good gifts that come in small packages." Having been a transient member for almost (2) two years now, I am consistently impressed by the programs, tools and training I have participated in.  The fostering of family and fellowship makes me feel like I have an extended family of people in my life that truly are equipped to assist me in whatever area I may need, now or in the future.  That's why last year I decided to give back to my FNS family. 
Customer's Name (confidential)
I am a Minister in training doing Christ discipleship training and community outreach with their ministry program.  I recognized how  I improved in my own personal journey by facing my own issues and dealing with them one by one, using practical tools along side biblical life applications.  I have matured in areas that were terribly lacking and now I have taken on responsibilities that I ran from in the past.  I am now seeing success come forth in my Christian Walk that I never had experienced before coming to FNS Inc.,  I have a surer foundation than I ever gained in life before.  I am a work in progress, progress being the key word here.  I can truly say I am going places and I know that I am.   Because I am doing the personal work to get where I need to go next, and I had good help along the way.  I am sure to finish my race having done well the work required of us all.  Thanks FNS family!”
Customer’s Name (confidential)
“In this day and age, it’s hard to find an organization who are true to their calling, where you can trust that their members needs are why they exist.  Forsaken Not Services Inc. was recommended to me by a friend, who knew my life event crisis, and now I know why my friend was so sure about their recommendation – the quality of care services I received was outstanding.  At FNS Inc., they mentor and modeled being true to their calling to help others in life.  They keep God first no matter what, and they help you see how to live that way for yourself.  I have learned so much as I went through the customized programs they helped me set up, and I worked through them.  I learned so much about how God is the key to a "good and well life" through Christ Jesus.  God is not only now, my "bridge over troubled waters", He is over everything in my life.  Keep up the good work!  My Blessed Family”
Customer’s Name (confidential)
When I came to FNS Inc. Housing Program The Gathering Place, I discovered that not only did God want to give me another family unit, he cleaned up my life from the inside out, corrected my walk and call on my life, and God was also preparing me for my future spouse.  I met my future spouse by being in this program while doing some outreach partnership ministry with another Church.  I met my future spouse the night they asked me to preach for them.  God told me I would and it happened just as God said and in God's time, not mine.  So never again will I ever despise small beginnings, or small size ministries because they really are very powerful in God's hands, Amen! 
Customer’s Name (confidential)
I received a referral to become a Transient Member at Forsaken Not Services Inc. (Outreach Ministries), I have long standing life event problems and it has been affecting my life and family members whom I love, and I believe I am called of God to do something in ministry for others but have not been able to make any positive progress.  I have been fooling myself, thinking I could fix things on my own, they are only getting worst.  From what I was told about FNS, I believe that this is what I have been looking for all along.  I am excited to be coming into their housing program where all my needs can be worked on in a safe and thriving environment, I thank God for this opportunity to change me and my life, Amen!
Customer's Name (confidential)
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